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Several Oromo Students Killed in Protest Erupted at Ambo, Haramaya and Other Universities Across Ethiopia. 

At least nine students have died during days of protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia state, the government has said. However, a witness told the BBC that 47 were killed by the security forces. She said the protests in Ambo, 125km (80 miles) west of Addis Ababa began last Friday over plans to expand the capital into Oromia state.

The government did not say how most of the deaths had been caused but the Ambo resident said she had seen the army firing live ammunition. ”I saw more than 20 bodies on the streets,” she said. ”I am hiding in my house because I am scared.”

The Ambo resident said that four students had been killed on Monday and another 43 in a huge security crackdown on Tuesday, after a huge demonstration including many non-students. Since then, the town’s streets have been deserted, she said, with banks and shops closed and no transport. She said teaching had been suspended at Ambo University, where the protests began, and students prevented from leaving.

In a statement, the government said eight people had died during violent protests led by “anti-peace forces” in the towns of Ambo and Tokeekutayu, as well as Meda Welabu University, also in Oromia state. It said one person had been killed “in a related development” when a hand grenade was thrown at students watching a football match.

The statement blamed the protests on “baseless rumours” being spread about the “integrated development master plan” for the capital. BBC Ethiopia analyst Hewete Haileselassie says some ethnic Oromos feel the government is dominated by members of the Tigre and Amhara communities and they would be loath to see the size of “their” territory diminish with the expansion of Addis Ababa, which is claimed by both Oromos and Amharas.


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Where is Oromuma brotherhood? Why Gujii  zone adminstration declared war on Borana community?

By Oromticha


Borana and Gujii, the two closest Oromo communities well known to share numerous similarities, have coexisted without major conflict for centuries. However, recently this character has dispread and conflicts between the two communities have become a norm. While the driving force for these new phenomena is not clear, it seems to escalate the last twenty years. Particularly, the allocation of Liban wereda under Gujii zone has become a catalyst for the discontent in the region. Recently, the aggression initiated by Gujii militia against Borans inhabiting Liban wereda, particularly areas surrounding Negelle Borana town, has been deterred successfully. Previously Ardajila has consecutively reported about the change and reinstallation of Nagelle Boran town name. Thank you for your update. It is a public record that Gujii zone administration has been hostile against Borans inhabiting Liban warada. Particularly, they have been advocating for change of Nagelle Borana name by removing the word “Borana”. While the intension behind the hostile move by Gujii zonal administration and recently by their militia force is not clear, it is frustrating and hurting locals in the region, Boran, Guji and others impartially. Basically, Guji Zone administration obsession with this issue has slowed progress of the region dramatically. Above all the recent conflict indicates that the administration has given up all legal means and changing strategy towards use of force. Please, note that this comment is not analyzing a deed of Guji community, rather it analyze a deed of Guji Zone administration.

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Dhamsa Jaarolee Oromo, walhadhicha Liibani kessatti thaheefi


Justice Prevailed:  Long live Nagelle Borana

By Observer

Nagelle Borana Hospital AJThe Gujii Zonal administration has been ordered to restore the original name of Nagelle Borana. Previously, ardajila reported that mysteriously, Nagelle Borana Hospital name board was found whitened one morning. Before this incident, several other institutions name board has been changed by removing the word “Borana” from descriptions. However, this action was challenged by Boran society. The challenge has bear fruit and Gujii zonal administration has been directed to include the word “Borana” in every appropriate places. Authorities have emphasized that the land belongs to Borana-Oromo and any change to indicate otherwise is not acceptable. In addition, there is indication that the Oromiya regional authorities are looking for the person/s responsible for this action.

This victory could have not been possible without the determination of Borana elders who worked hard to bring about this issue to attention. The society commends their hard work and wishes them good luck on continuing struggle for justice, the first one being returning Liban under Borana Zone. In addition, the Borana society is thankful for the federal and Oromia zonal authorities who helped justice to prevail.

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It’s almost a year, since the Kenyan general elections of March 3, 2013. Like most other counties around the nation, Marsabit County election outcome has received mixed reaction from different communities. Indeed Borana community is not satisfied by the result. Before we proceed to examine the cause of this particular election outcome, let us revisit some basic facts;

Under current setting, Marsabit County has four constituencies: Saku, Moyale, North Horr and Laisamis. Saku and Moyale, which are regarded as an economic hub of the county, have traditionally been Boran strongholds.

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The Actors, the Contests and the Interest


AUTHOR: Anonymous  


The content of this paper is based on observations and outcomes of discussions the author had with various people from Marsabit County in general and mostly with those from Moyale. Included in this paper are also information gleaned from local media reports on Moyale conflict and write-ups posted on various websites. This paper is not an objective research work as such but it is more of personal reflection and interpretation of the information received which seem to lean more on perspective shared by most people who are sympathetic to Borans cause in the on-going conflict

The author begins by giving a brief historical overview of Marsabit County with focus on fluctuating relationships between its communities at various times. He goes to narrate highlights of key events that fed directly into escalation of current conflict. An insight analysis of key actors in the conflict including their role and objective are aptly captured. After pointing out what he sees as the limitations and shortcoming of past attempts at resolving conflicts in the north, he offers the suggestions on possible resolutions mechanism with immediate shot term and long term time frame.

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Leaders Move To End Marsabit Skirmishes

Leaders Move To End Marsabit SkirmishesIn a bid to end perennial fighting among communities living in Marsabit County, leaders from the area have come up with tough measures aimed at preventing the fighting

The leaders at a meeting held today agreed to slap a fine of Ksh 5M against any community that will break the ceasefire reached today. The leaders were meeting for the first time with two reconciliators, Francis ole Kaparo and Senator Yusuf Haji who were appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday



Uhuru gives Marsabit leaders ultimatum on peace

By KAZUNGU CHAI, Capital News

The President picked the two when he hosted leaders from communities in Marsabit County at State House for peace talks to end the crisis/FILENAIROBI, Kenya, Feb President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed former National Assembly Speaker, Francis ole Kaparo, and Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji to mediate between the warring groups in Marsabit County and report back to him within a week. The President picked the two when he hosted leaders from communities in Marsabit County at State House for peace talks to end the crisis.

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The jubilee government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking to stem the violence that has rocked Marsabit County. The county made headlines again after a new wave of violence that hit Moyale and parts of North Horr.

Last week, the president held a meeting attended by Borana leaders at state house, Nairobi. The president had earlier met with the same leaders in Mombasa. In attendance were other top government officials including house majority leader Adan Duale and senate majority leader Kithure Kindiki amongst others. The president had given the delegation an unprecedented five hours, clearing his schedule for much of the afternoon.

“The president is really focused on sorting out the mess in the county,” said our source, “he is keen on ensuring that the destruction of lives and property come to an immediate halt and those responsible be brought to book.” The president was reported to be furious at the events in the county and the inability of the leadership to bring the communities together. Read more………………………………………………..


Raaba-Gadaa leaders vow to complete the ritual that was disrupted by recent attack from neighboring Gujii-Oromo community.

gumii32Recently Ardajila reported a horrible attack on Booran pilgrims traveling to perform a routine ritual. The ritual known as Kormaa- Korbeessa is one of several common activities carried out by Gadaa leaders. While such rituals are always took place with no interference, the recent one was interrupted by group of gangs from Gujii-Oromo community, who killed four of the pilgrims.  However, despite a furious attack from the gang, the pilgrims were able to perform the ritual partially.

After burying their dead Raaba-Gadaa leaders have declared that the ritual will be completed, no matter the cost. In accordance, Raabaa- Gadaa leaders are set to travel to the same site and complete the ritual within two days.

While the region is still under tense situation, Gujii and Booran elders have engaged in informal talk to assess what went wrong. In addition, locals who are following the situation closely indicated that Gujii community leaders have presented several individuals believed to be part of the attack. However, the formal talk will resume only after completion of the interrupted ritual, for Raaba-Gadaa leaders are not willing to engage in any serious discussion until a mission the pilgrims initiated is complete.

While the peace talk is in an early stage and it is not certain how the evil deed against Gadaa system, an icon of pride for Booran and other Oromo groups, orchestrated, locals suspect it is a work of third party. The Boran zone administrator Mr. Abara Ayele, famously known as Abalaki by locals, has been accused of promoting conflict in the region, specifically targeting Booran community.


More than five people feared dead in fresh Moyale clashes
By Libna Golicha MOYALE,KENYA:
<a href='http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/thecounties/search?q=Moyale'> Moyale</a> More than five people are feared dead in Moyale as fights between Borana and Gabra-Burji (GaBu) militia intensifies in the region. Thursday morning, alleged suspected Gabra-Burji militias attacked Kate (Qaxxee) village, some 50 kilometres from Moyale town. It was stated that while attacking village GaBu militia faced tough resistance from their Borana counterpart. After about half an hour of intense exchange, the fights moved from the village into the bush. As at 11am fierce exchange was heard towards Funan-nyata about 15 kilometres from Kate. Reports from the ground state that several people have been killed and scores injured in the three hour fight between the two rivals.
A source said seven bodies of militias were lying in a bush near Kate village and residents were on the process of finding missing person and recovering their livestock. Area chief Jilo Boru said the militia targeted Kate in their attack and begun early morning raid. The village had an approximately population of 500 people according to the chief. He noted the fighting between the two rivals has gone deeper in the bush by mid – morning and feared the number of causalities may rise. He appealed to security personnel to assists locals in recovering lost animals. Residents, who spoke to us on phone blamed area security apparatus for laxity and failure  to protect innocent women and children. They claimed security personnel targets civilians instead of flushing out armed militias from the region. “Police attacked entire village upon their arrival,” Godana a caller from Kate (Qaxxee) said while claiming security officers injured one of their village mates. Moyale OCS Richard Ng’eno who was leading police heading to the scene said they will file exact information and release later. 
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The cases against Moyale MP Roba Duba and member of Marsabit County Assembly Golicha Guyo has been postponed to a later date in March after the prosecution said it needed more time to prepare evidence against the two.

The two had earlier been arraigned before the Nairobi Chief Magistrate on December 15th 2013 and charged with inciting Borana youths to violence, in an event that led to the looting and subsequent burning of of a truck ferrying goods to Moyale. The prosecutor and senior superintendent of police Brigid Kanyai had at the time claimed that they had a strong case against Mr. Duba and his co-accused Mr. Golicha. She said 15 witnesses were ready to testify.

But in a turn of events, the case seems to be faltering as the prosecution now claims to have insufficient evidence and would need more time to strengthen their case. This is despite the fact that it has been over month since the prosecution first said they were ready to proceed to trial. It remains unclear what new evidence the prosecution is after but we will be following the proceedings for you closely.

The two still maintain their innocence and are out on a cash bail of 100,000KES each

Drama as a Gabra man from Odaa, Moyale Kenya detained by security officers for possession of multiple guns.

The perpetual tears for the Booran community

Borana-fardaa1.jpgIt is with great sorrow that ArdaJilaa reports the horrible attack on Boran pilgrims traveling to a ritual site at Malka Sooda, near Ya’aballa town, Borana Zone, Oromiya region.  According to the initial information we received, four of the pilgrims have been killed and four were missing, while the rest made it home safely. However, the latest information indicates that all the missing individuals have been rescued after spending agonizing days in the jungle.  Although the attackers were not captured two individuals from Gujii-oromo have been found dead among the bodies discovered. This is an indication that the attackers could be from Gujii community.  The locals reported that Gbras and Gujii villages around the crime scene were evacuated days before the attack. The evacuation of villages from the two communities prior to the attack strongly suggests the attack is pre-planned and may be a collaborative effort by a group from Gabras and Gujiis. Read more…………………………………………………………. 


A Response to ESAT Television Report Concerning the Recent incident in Borana Zone.

response to ESATOn January 23, 2014 ESAT television reported that Borana community in Boran Zone, Oromia region displaced Burjis from their land. The Borana Community categorically rejects the allegation and denounces the report. The information provided is not only baseless but also divisive. This is unacceptable conduct by any medium which claims to be fair and impartial. What was reported by Ms GAlila Mokenen on January 23, 2014 is careless act that promotes a conflict in the region. The report is one sided and indicates that ESAT is a propaganda machine than a respected and credible medium.  Furthermore, we advise ESAT television editors to carefully asses their material before making it available to public. Here are some groundless points in the information provided, Read more………………………………………………


Hon. Roba Duba Highlights tha Controversy over County governments employment procedures

The new secretary general of the Kenya county government workers’ union, formerly known as Kenya local government workers union has warned county governments over inappropriate employment procedures. Roba duba who was elected as the unions secretary general in an election conducted in Nakuru county Saturday, warned that governors who have threatened to lay off existing workers for fresh employees are undermining worker’s rights. Duba, who is also the member of parliament for Moyale said governors should stick to the laid down recruitment procedures. He has vowed to negotiate with all the county governors within the existing framework of labour laws to ensure workers’ roles are enhanced


Moyale MP, Hon. Roba Duba set to clinch top union job


Moyale MP set to clinch top union jobMoyale MP Roba Duba is all but poised to clinch the coveted position of secretary general of the giant Kenya County Governments Workers Union. The former Nairobi Town Clerk has won the support of seven out of the eight regions that comprise the union’s National Delegates Conference. At the final stage of the nomination held in Mombasa a week ago, his only competitor in the race, Michael Wachira, failed to secure a proposer and seconder. Read more………………………


Could Borans be part of early American history? Where are these people and their descendents now?

 Borana immigrants 1902us_ellis_3_black_people


Ellis island

 Ellis Island

Ellis Island, in Upper New York Bay, was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1925. Augustus F. Sherman, a clerk at Ellis Island, created hundreds of images documenting the new arrivals to America at the Island. Two of his photographs were a portrait posted above. Who are this people and how did they arrive in Ellis Island, New York. Some analysts suggest that they have been taken to New York as a part of exhibition of different ethnic groups from Africa.

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Happy New Year from Ardaa jilaa Editors

Dear Ardajila followers,

cropped-Happy-new-year-2014.jpgWe hope 2013 has been a productive and enjoyable year for all of you. As a website focused on sharing important information about the Boran society, we have been working hard to bringing up-to-date news and opinions to our audience. Although information has been shared as news or opinions, the objective is to use this forum as a means of exposing the plight of our society. We believe that sharing our plight with each other as well as the world will help to bring forward better solutions. It is not a secret that a society with no voice could be marginalized and suffer silently, particularly, in this fast changing and politicized world. Thus, it is important that each of us stand up and be a voice for our society.           Read more…………………………………………………….


Mohamed Abduba Dida appointed chairman of the Constituency Development Board (CDF)

By Geoffrey Mosoku, Standard digital

imagesNairobi, Kenya: President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again disregarded a public outcry and appointed leaders who lost in the last elections to chair the boards of 10 State corporations, setting the stage for a potentially explosive backlash from Jubilee supporters. Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto’s top allies have been rewarded in the appointments that also saw his competitor in the 2013 presidential election Mohamed Abduba Dida being rewarded. In what is likely to cause a new storm within the Jubilee ranks, the President has picked politicians who lost in the last General Election for the lucrative positions even as he appointed one of his lawyers to head a parastatal. Six of the ten appointees are allies of the President and his deputy who contested and lost in the March 4, 2013 poll.A special gazette notice dated December 31, 2013 indicates that Dida has been appointed chairman of the Constituency Development Board (CDF) to replace Jennifer Nafula Barasa.  He will serve for a period of eight months.

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President Uhuru Nominates Former Moyale MP Mohamud Mohamed Ali and Isiolo South MP Abdul Bahari  for Two Powerful Positions!!!!



Mr Mohamud Mohamed Ali will now chair the Board of the National Hospital Insurance Fund, while Mr Abdul Bahari takes over as chair of the Tana and Athi River Development Authority.

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Ethiopia accused of stoking Moyale clashes
By ALI ABDI, Standard Digital

Moyale, Kenya: Borana leaders have accused the Ethiopian military of fueling the conflict in the border town of Moyale. MPs Ali Rasso (Saku), Roba Duba ( Moyale) and Mohamud Ali, a former Moyale MP, Sunday claimed Ethiopia was using its military and local militias to hunt down Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebels. Read more………………………..



Five more killed as gunfire rocks Moyale town

By Liban Golicha

Five more people are feared dead as heavy gun battle rocked Moyale town on Thursday for a second day, causing hundreds of families to flee to Ethiopia. The killings came even as the government finally dispatched the military to quell the situation in Marsabit county, after a go-ahead was granted by Parliament. Moyale MP Roba Duba claimed that five more people had been killed and more than 20 others injured in the battle between Gabra and Burji on one side and Borana on the other.

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The Darkest Periods for Borana

The leadership of “Abara Ayele’ and the consequent demise of good governance in Borana zone

By Observer

In 21st century, the era of so-called nascent “democracy & democratic leadership”, good governance is central to the political administration. As such, at the place and situation where this could be realistically exercised, it is time to move from dark to light. The good governance heavily depends on the whole processes of administration, socio-economic developments, political situation, and so on. Read more………………………………………………………


Construction of Isiolo-Moyale road halted following violence
The Chinese firm constructing the fourth phase of the Isiolo-Moyale road has suspended work due to inter-clan violence in Marsabit County. In a statement yesterday, China Wu Yi said it suspended work on Sunday afternoon after rivals engaged in the Marsabit conflict attacked its workers and vehicles. Read more at: Standard Digital News…………………………





By Tadhi Liban

Mr. Sora JarsoMr. Sora was born in 1940 from his father Mr. Jarso Sabo and mother Mrs. Safoy Jarso in Borbor locality, present Borana Zone (years in the document are in Gregorian calendar). His exact date of birth was unknown, as the family did not keep a written record. He had four brothers among whom he was second in birth. He grew up in the family home through the process that every Borana child undergoes. Read more……………………


Marsabit Leaders Fear for Renewed Clashes

By Kennedy Kangethe

Jubilee leaders from Marsabit County have urged the government to appoint a committee to investigate the real issues that are causing the unending conflict in the County. The leaders condemned the ongoing vicious cycle of tribal clashes in the county that has resulted to senseless killings of innocent lives and destruction of property with thousands of Moyale residents forced to seek refuge in the neighboring country of Ethiopia. Read more……………………………………………………………….


Why the Nagelle Borana Hospital Name board is Blank?

By Observer

Nagelle Borana Hospital AJ

Nagelle Boran hospital name board whited out leaving the hospital nameless.

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Japanese Dr. Lookoo Dubaa (her adopted Borana-Oromo name) discusses about Gadaa system in Afaan Borana-Oromo


What is the take away from 2013 Kenyan election and the conflict in Marsabit County?

By Observer

Kenyan 2007 – 2008 election ended with violence that took lives of hundreds and displaced tens of thousands. The destruction of the violence both in term of social and economical loose is still fresh in the mind of every Kenyan citizen. However, with the intervention of the international community particularly the US and the EU among others, Kenyans finally came to the negotiation table. To their credit, Kenyan leaders took this opportunity and forged a concrete path for peace. Read more……………….



I am writing this from a village in Moyale Ethiopia called Arballe where my family and I fled to and currently living as a refugee. It all happened on 28th August 2013 where all our properties (home, household equipments, and all that we  ever owned including inheritance from our father was burnt down to ashes by Burji kinsmen).

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Where is Oromuma brotherhood? Why Gujii zone administration declared war on Borana community?

By Oromticha

cropped-Borana-fardaa1.jpgBorana and Gujii, the two closest Oromo communities well known to share numerous similarities, have coexisted without major conflict for centuries. However, recently this character has dispread and conflicts between the two communities have become a norm. While the driving force for these new phenomena is not clear, it seems to escalate the last twenty years. Particularly, the allocation of Liban wereda under Gujii zone has become a catalyst for the discontent in the region. Recently, the aggression initiated by Gujii militia against Borans inhabiting Liban wereda, particularly areas surrounding Negelle Borana town, has been deterred successfully. Previously Ardajila has consecutively reported about the change and reinstallation of Nagelle Boran town name. Thank you for your update. It is a public record that Gujii zone administration has been hostile against Borans inhabiting Liban warada. Particularly, they have been advocating for change of Nagelle Borana name by removing the word “Borana”. While the intension behind the hostile move by Gujii zonal administration and recently by their militia force is not clear, it is frustrating and hurting locals in the region, Boran, Guji and others impartially. Basically, Guji Zone administration obsession with this issue has slowed progress of the region dramatically. Above all the recent conflict indicates that the administration has given up all legal means and changing strategy towards use of force. Please, note that this comment is not analyzing a deed of Guji community, rather it analyze a deed of Guji Zone administration.

While Borana community has been experiencing unusual level of aggression from neighboring communities, within Ethiopia and Kenya, the hostility from Guji side came as surprise. It is well known that Borana community opted contesting against being governed by Gujii zone administration to avoid a conflict with their Oromo brothers and sisters. However, a replay from their administrators is totally opposite of their expectation.  As soon as Liban worada brought under Gujii Zone, a call for excluding “Borana” from name of Nagelle Borana town was officially initiated. This call has been going on for years without any response from Borana community. This could be understood as naïve response but it was conscious and deliberate action to avoid such conflict like the one witnessed recently. Lately, the Guji zone administration effort to change the name of Nagelle Borana town intensified, resulting in action that led to whitening of Negelle Boran hospital name board. The move awakened Borans and forced them to regretfully revisit their decision, compromising for sake of peace and above all Oromtiti. Accordingly, Borans initiated appeal to involve a federal government and Oromiya regional administration in to the matter.  The appeal got traction and it was decided the name Negelle Borana will remain on the deliberation made in March 2014. Sadly, few weeks after their legal defeat, the Guji Zonal administration took unforgettable action that will remain in the history of the nation, particularly the Boorana-Gujii region.

It is agonizing to witness such abuse of power by Guji Zone administration. While an attempt to change the name alone is a shock to many, particularly to Oromo community, waging a full scale war for such cause is heartbreaking.  In the era when names that have been changed hundred years ago are contested and reversed back, the case of Nazret to Adama, Hagerehiwoot to Ambo, Debrezeit to Bushofto …,  it is sad to witness such attempt being made by a member of Oromo community. Erasing the name of a particular Oromo group, in this case Borana, and trying to present them as a treat to Oromo society is unfair and wrong allegation. The saddest of all is that this backward view is shared by some educated individuals who are regarded as Oromo leaders. One of such individuals is Nageessa Oddo Dube, who has been repeatedly appeared on newly founded Oromo Media Network (OMN) as political analyst.  Before commenting on his view, I would like you to read and make your own judgment. The following is a direct quote from his April 3 at 7:54am face book post, which has sparked several negative comments from Borana and Guji individuals impartially.  I chose to comment on this writing not to give credit to Mr. Naageessa, but I am afraid this view could be shared by many other influential individuals from Gujii community. “Dhufuuni malaani dalatti” jedhe Boranii.

Lolli Booranaa fi Gujii jiddutti deensifamaa ture dhaabatuun waan hamus nama godhaa ti. Duraan dursee maatii namoota lola kana keessa woreegamaniif gadda guddaa natta dhage’ame ibsuu barbaada. Irraa hafaa, ka jirutti hafaa. Gama biraatiin ammo namooti waan an kanaan dura katabe irrattu hundooftanii na qeeqxan wanni an jedhuu fedhe WORAANNI/LOLLI haa dhaabbatuu dura waan jedhu. Eennu aka qara duule, balleessaan ta eennuu akka teete armaan duuba qoranna. Wonni takkaan dhugaa. Namni duulli itti baye dhumatuu hin jennu, ifirraa qolachuun mirga uumamaa ti. Hedduun keessan “Booranatti duulee Gujii a’e; kaabinee fi barattooti Booranaa barnootaa fi hujii dhiisanii uumnata duulchisuuf torbaan lamaa ol baadiyatti galanii turanfi kkf akkasuma jeequmsa barattooti Booranaa woggaa hedduuf ijoollee Gujii irratti raawwataa baate” kaastanii na falmitanii jirtan. Barattooti woggaa woggaadhaan cuuphee/ tooridaa qabatanii High school Nageellee keessatti magaalli nageellee ka Boiranaa ti Gujiin as keessa maaf barata jechuudhaan barattoota Gujii wowworaanaa fi daddachaa turuun dhuguma. Obboleessa kiyya ka Gammachuu jedhamu yeroo lama daddaffameera. Magaala keessa deemanii mana Gujii cufa barbaadanii cacaccabsaa turuun isaaniille haqa. Gujiin kanarraa kan ka’e morka qabatee maqaan magaalaa kanaa seenaarratti Nageelle malee Boirana ka jedhu kana bara dargii keessa Godaanaa Tunii fi Jaatanii Alii fa itti dabalan kanaafuu jechi Boorana jedhu biraa baduu qaba” jedhee ka’e. Wonni feete yo dhuftelle haga fedhan yo wol dhaban, dhiiga eol buusuun dogoghira guddaa. Nu nyaapha keenba kaanuu yoom aane? Ha baddu wonni hantuun. Woldhaba kanaaf furmaata waaraa kan te’u aanaalee Gujii 5 ka Godina Booranaa jala jiranu gara Godina Gujii deebisuu yokaan ammoo aanalee 4 Gujiirraa itti deebisanii Godina Gujii Lixaa ijaaruu. Inni kun tarkaaffii bareeda. Gama biraatiin gandoota Boiranaa 6 kan Gidina Gujii jala jiranu gara Godina Booranaa deebisuu. Gama biraatiin namoonni olola akko gosti lamaan wolitta hin fayyine godhu afuufanu gocha akkasiirraa osoo of qusatanii gaarii dha. Keessattuu obboleeyyan teenna ta Oromoo caasaa gosaa fi gosittii kibba Oromiyaa keessa jiru waan hin hubanneef rakkoon nnaannoo sanii hin galuuf. Dubbi osoo hin hubatin wanti isaan godhanu tokkummaa Oromoo hedduu miidha. Kibba Oromiyaa keessa gosoonni Gujii, Booranaa fi Gabra, Garrii jedhaman ni jiru. Isaan kun arfanuu afaan Oromoo dubbatu. Akka laakkofsa uummataa kan bara 2007 ibsutti Baayyinnaan Gujiin Miliyoona 2; Booranni 500,000 (half million) fi Garriin 200,000 fi Gabri 50,000 dha. Garriin afaan Oromoo dubbatti amantiin Islaama. Bara mootummaa ce’umsaa isiilleen Oromoo turte. Ijoolleen Garrii hedduun dabballee ABO turan. Bakka bu’aa magaalaa Mooyyalee Garrii ture.Booranni ammoo Garriin akkamitti bakka nu buuti jedhee waan falmeef bakja bu’ummaan gara Booranaatti jirjiiramnaan Garriin nu SOMAALEE dha jettee naannoo5tti galte. Garriin afaan Somaalee hin beektu; afaan Oromoo dubbatti. Iteetuu malee daafee Oromoon Booranaa goltuuf; Booranaa fi Garriin hangaa ol waan woljibbaniif erga Booranni angafa Oromoo ta’e nu Booranaa moti jechu’un Oromoo keessaa baate. Boru Gabrilleen ba’uu dandeetti. Dubbiin tunille akka lama wanti sunille hanga ta’e haa jiraattuu male sababoita biraa heddutti jira.

While Mr. Nageessaa Oddo started by appealing for ceasefire between the two communities, the body of his writing suggests the opposite. Basically his writing is a complete justification of the Gujii aggression against Borana. I found it troubling to realize that Mr. Nagessa Oddo could generate such backward and divisive thoughts in public. While he has full right to possess any personal view, he should select his words carefully before making them public. Above all, he and the likes of him, who are based in western world that are not directly affected by such conflicts, should consider the fate of others. Whether it is Guji or Boran community, those affected are our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts and so on who are currently residing in the region. Thus, it is wise to think twice, or more if possible, before giving a comment on such sensitive issues.

First of all, it is unethical to cover-up a fact just because one has a means to do so. Anyone who has full information of the recent conflict between Boorana and Gujii knows who and how the conflict initiated. It is not fair to deny ownership of a battle after losing. Guji Zone administration initiated a battle to change the name of Nagelle Borana and lost. After losing a battle through legal means, they mobilized thousands of their militiamen to show their might. To their dismay, they failed in both fronts.  Now with assistance from the so called Oromo political analyst, Mr Nageessa Oddoo, they are trying to open another battle front, distorting the fact using an access he has on OMN.  I hope Oromo intellectuals are wise enough to avoid entertaining such divisive view in their circle.

While the first part of the writing aim to show a root cause of the recent conflict as a simple harassment of Gujii students and workers by Borana community, locals testify the opposite. The matter of the fact is that anyone lived in the region could testify the true character of Borana community, whether they could commit such atrocity against any one inhabiting their region. Borana community has hosted several communities from different ethnic group throughout their territory and there has been no such incident reported. However, it is a fact that whenever their generosity is misunderstood for weakness and other communities target their interest, Borans do everything possible to repeal it. This has happened several times before, with such incidents exceeding a normal level in the past decade, particularly the last few years.

Mr. Nagessa oddoo has squeezed several thoughts he has about Boorana community within his short writing. He used some of his writing to compare and contrast Boorana and Gujii community. While I am not sure of his intention, it seems Mr. Nageessaa is not comfortable with Gujii’s position as compared to Borana in several aspects. Thus he is trying to show to anyone who believes him that Gujii community is stronger than Borana. Since we are brothers and sisters, Boran’s have never pay attention to such comparison.

The most puzzling part of his writing is a claim that the name Nagelle Borana was assigned to the town by Governors Godana Tuni and Jatani Ali (Biyyeeni Sabladhinaafi (BS)). It is interesting that an individual holding a law degree would make such ignorant account of a well known fact. The name Nagelle Borana has been there prior to time of Emperor Hilesilase’s rule, long before the two leaders were born. On different post Mr Nageessa indicated that the recent conflict is an explosion of a time bomb planted by the Abyssinians. This is a bit confusing and made me question whether he regards Govs. Godana Tuni and Jatani Ali part of Abyssinia.  Anyhow, contrary to what he wrote, the three major Oromo communities in the region (Borana, Gujii and Arsii) could testify the opposite. The truth is that the two Governors are a major reason why the three communities coexisted without major conflict, during their era. If Govs. Godana and Jatani intended to promote conflict between Borana and Guji communities, they could have advocated for return of Borana lands occupied by Guji. Although Boran community ignored them, it is fact that Guji Community occupies Boran land such as Bitaata, Hara qallo, Kukku (Buelle Horaa) and others. Particularly, Mr. Nageessa and his colleagues have to give a credit for Govs. Godana and Jatani Ali instead of accusing them for cheap deeds like changing a name of a town. Although it could have been forgotten by some, our Gujii brothers and sisters affected could remember the atrocity committed against the Gijii community by Shaleqa Taakelle. Again it is a public record that Gov. Jatani Ali stood for Guji Community and helped bring Shalaqa Taakelle to justice, to be punished for his evil deed. These and several other unmentioned facts clearly show that Govs. Godana Tuni and Jatani Ali used their power to bring the neighboring Oromo communities together. However, weak leader like Gadaa Robe took advantage of his power and used it to promote divisive agenda. Thus, since anyone from Ethiopia, particularly Boorana-Gujii region, knows the truth, the only thing Mr. Nageessa proved through this comment is his ignorance. Actually, after reading his short writing, I am worried for a society that will be led by such individual. Whether it is Gujii or entire Oromo community.

The writing also addresses a political aspect in the region with regards to Oromo struggle. I am amazed on how much of political analysis Mr. Naageessa could make, leave alone for entire Oromo struggle, but just for Boorana-Gujii region. To suggest that an entire Garrii community has abandoned Oromo/OLF due to Borana involvement is a cheap talk. Since Mr. Naageessa do not represent or even possibly know a view of Garrii community, I would not take this as big deal. However, having such a figure as a political analyst for Oromo community is a disgrace. While the entire Oromo society has tied together with common interest, it does not mean all members agree on everything. If any member of Oromo could abandon the entire society due to disagreement with fellow Oromo, then that particular community may not have a faith in the society. While Mr. Nageessaa and those who share his view have such a strong negative feeling for Borana community, they did not abandon Oromo? Why is that? I believe to be born within Oromo is not a choice but identifying oneself as Oromo is a choice. Thus, our Garri brothers and sisters have a right to join any political party and society they feel will protect their interest. In this regard, it is a public record Garri community chose to align with Somali for one reason or another. However, their decision should not be blamed on any other community. Everyone should be responsible of his/her action. If any community regrets its previous decision and considers changing their view, no manipulation of fact is required. Just change sides and join a group or political party of interest period.

On the other hand Mr. Nageessaa’s fear for Gabras to leave Oromo/OLF is beyond puzzling. Actually, it is laughable, since they have never joined. It is great to express his fear. However, as an emerging Oromo figure, I wait to hear what he will advice Oromo society to avert this looming disaster; Gabra community abandoning Oromo/OLF because of Borana community. If his fear is real, the only solution will be expelling Borana community form Oromo to gain Gabra and Garri communities. After all Oromititi is not a gift that one could give to other.

Finally, we are in the 21st century and it is not easy to manipulate a fact. Even if one controls a particular medium, there are thousands of other means to counteract any effort to distort the truth. To this end, it is wise to think several times before putting any idea on mass media, for it may hunt you forever. Moreover, when dealing with sensitive issues that will affect thousands of lives on the ground, it is important to take a great care from spilling ones thought unfiltered.  On the other hand it is not possible to have it both ways. If one likes to be an Oromo leader, he/she must promote the interest of entire society not a particular group. Please note gaining access to publicity and delivering the expectation is totally different entity.

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln