A Response to ESAT Television Report Concerning the Recent incident in Borana Zone.

A Response to ESAT Television Report Concerning the Recent incident in Borana Zone.

response to ESATOn January 23, 2014 ESAT television reported that Borana community in Boran Zone, Oromia region displaced Burjis from their land. The Borana Community categorically rejects the allegation and denounces the report. The information provided is not only baseless but also divisive. This is unacceptable conduct by any medium which claims to be fair and impartial. What was reported by Ms GAlila Mokenen on January 23, 2014 is careless act that promotes a conflict in the region. The report is one sided and indicates that ESAT is a propaganda machine than a respected and credible medium.  Furthermore, we advise ESAT television editors to carefully asses their material before making it available to public. Here are some groundless points in the information provided,

  1. The report indicated that Borana community displaced Burji. The fact is Borana community has done nothing to displace Burji people.  While the killing of a Borana man is a fact, there is no report showing that Borans have taken any violent action due to this incident. However, it was confirmed that Borana elders have engaged Buriji elders to discuss the matter.

  2. The report accuses Mr Liban Arero for mishandling the situation. As indicated Mr Arero is a deputy of the Borana Zone administrator, Mr Abera. Thus, if there is any flaw in handling this situation it is the bosses that will take blame not the assistant.

  3. While we have received a report that some Burji individuals are returning to their home land (Gaara Burjii) voluntarily, there is no indication that they have been forced to do so. In addition there is no evidence that Borana community has robed any of Burji individuals heading home.

  4. While presenting, the reporter was not concerned about the man who lost his life. Rather she was focused on convincing the audience that Burjis are in trouble. Is Ms Galila going to follow-up and present what happened to the innocent man, which by the way she admitted was killed?

It is important to understand some facts, while considering the above matter. It is well known that thousands of Burji people have migrated to Borana land from Soyama Mountain in the past few decades. Since their arrival the group has enjoyed a freedom of sharing resources with Borana community without any limitation. Not only Buriji, Boran community has accommodated several such groups that were attracted by their generosity. Using this opportunity we would like to assure everyone that such isolated incidents do not change our value. Boran community will continue to be a generous and peaceful community as usual. The report presented by ESAT television is a total misrepresentation of Borana community.  Therefore, we urge ESAT television to correct its mistake and apologize to Borana community.

“Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere.” Martin Luther King J.

Borana Community in Diaspora.

2 thoughts on “A Response to ESAT Television Report Concerning the Recent incident in Borana Zone.

  1. @Dubale oyida
    FYI Burji and Gabra were strangers to borena land. Those people are egocentric,wicked and devils, after Borana welcome them to their own land now they reveal their true colour by ganging up agnaist Borana with Guji,Gari,and Rendille by forming REGABU so to displace Borana from their home land which is not possible. After Ukar got the governor the Gabra from Ethiopia region flock to Kenya like sheep of no nation by saying GAAR KENYAAT WOOLABONE mean we got independent in kenya and grab the Borana grazing land with the help of Ukur. After Borana realize their hidden agenda n try to defend themselves with their all means, they manipulate all the media that Borana want to displace minority group. They propagate divisive information so that their evil agenda is not fathom but we are a ware n we must defend our land come wat may.

  2. NO MATTER HOW MUTCH U LIED TO WORLD MEDIA WHY YOU DON’T THINK AS AMAN. THE ESAT tv report in Janu 23,2014 by Galila Meknen is 100% true about your Borana communty’s ilegal act including kiling, robing, firing, forcing the minor Burji community to leave their land n to migrate to their home town Gara burji.

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