Leaders Move To End Marsabit Skirmishes

Leaders Move To End Marsabit SkirmishesIn a bid to end perennial fighting among communities living in Marsabit County, leaders from the area have come up with tough measures aimed at preventing the fighting

The leaders at a meeting held today agreed to slap a fine of Ksh 5M against any community that will break the ceasefire reached today. The leaders were meeting for the first time with two reconciliators, Francis ole Kaparo and Senator Yusuf Haji who were appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday

The county has been a hot bed of conflict that has seen several people killed in the last few months. Speaking to the press, Kaparo and Haji declared that anyone who breaks the ceasefire agreed upon by all leaders would have to pay Ksh 5M to the aggrieved community as fine. The President picked the two when he hosted leaders from the communities in Marsabit County at State House for peace talks to end the crisis.

The leaders also announced that they will be visiting Marsabit County starting tomorrow Friday, to assess the situation on the ground.The leaders comprising elected legislators from Borana, Gabra and others will engage in consultations with residents of Marsabit on way forward before flying back to Nairobi on Sunday evening

The two leaders, Haji and Kaparo will be visiting the troubled County to find out the real cause of the conflict. President Kenyatta yesterday, Wednesday issued a 7-day ultimatum for the leaders and residents to come up with a lasting solution or else take unspecified action

The leaders called on residents of Marsabit County to avoid using the social media to incite violence

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