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I am writing this from a village in Moyale Ethiopia called Arballe where my family and I fled to and currently living as a refugee. It all happened on 28th August 2013 where all our properties (home, household equipments, and all that we  ever owned including inheritance from our father was burnt down to ashes by Burji kinsmen).
I am not the only Borana person affected. The whole population of  Borana community (100%)  residing in a village in Moyale Kenya called Manyatta Burji were at a loss. They were all grieving and wondering on where their next meal will come from. Majority of them do not have shelters and are spending out in cold waiting for a savior to come to their aid. Equally affected were the Borana population from other villages like Heillu, Butiye, Odda and Eladu locations.
In Manyatta Burji a total of more than 375 Borana households were burnt down to ashes. Four Borana houses located in Heillu Location were also burnt. All these was done under the very watchful eyes of the Marsabit County Governor, Amb Ukur Yattani and the County Commissioner ( Both of them were in Moyale when our properties were destroyed). No police assistance/ security was accorded to the affected population.
All said, the attention of Borana community from across the globe is need more than any other time. Moyale Kenya Borans need your help both in terms of prayer,psychological support and financial assistance. Borans need your guidance, they need you to be their spokesmen, People want you to counter all negative inflictions,criticisms,ill intended press briefs to label them as bad community there by damaging the Borana tribe character.
As educated sons and daughters of your society, you need to give back to your community. Most of you have the power, resources and capabilities to help.Your positions in the society, Government and non governmental institutions are what many of our “enemies” admire.
The BPA body (Borana Professionals Association) was formed for a purpose. To advise and guide on ways of uplifting our economy amongst others.

In the modern nations, communities rely on their educated folks for lots of purpose. Leadership entails all this. Borana community have their educated men and women thus like any other communities,they look unto you for directions thus why BPA body is there. Mail correspondences between about 133 people subscribed to this group mail does little benefit if any to the ordinary Borana people. Actions and performances are what people need.
I feel sad and its actually very unfortunate that the Moyale Borana community got very little support from our so called elites. I feel the chair, core committee members and all members of BPA have shelved the basis of the organ’s formations.
BPA has continued worsening the already fragile situations of our community. They are the backbone of our problems today.( Relate to the internal  political divisions and confusions you contributed), Individual greed’s, thirst of power, hatred and clan affiliations are all what you contributed towards 4th March 2013 election.
The above stated factors and others led to the loss of Marsabit County to the Regabuga and Isiolo North to the Turkana.
Our disunity,clan based politics, hatred, greed, personal difference and thirst of power are the direct effect of what we are experiencing right now in Moyale. The whole blame lies squarely on our heads collectively. Imagine if in less than 5 months in power, Regabu movement made us to cry this much, then what would you expect them to do in the next 4 1/2 years.
There is birth of new body in specifically Moyale Sub County called “GABU”. This is collection of the Gabra and Burji together. The basis of its formation is not only  related to political strength,they have other open agendas which includes to displace the Moyale Borana Community from their ancestral land. They have built standing militias (exported from Ethiopia). They want to further destabilize the socioeconomic development of our people.This latter group believe in the support rendered to them by the current Marsabit County Government Leadership and in addition the immense wealth (monetary support) provided by the Burji Community.
This is the time we should critically do our SWOT analysis and basing on that move fast to plan for our eventualities. Its time to change, time to accept our challenges and look for way to forge ahead.
This is the time WE MUST STOP dividing Borans in respect to clans politics. Time to a shame devils and  say NO  to leaders who divide us for his/her greed.
Lets do away with the WARJIDA, KARAYU, DIGALU MAXXARI, DAMBE NON politics and move ahead and build BORAN politics, Time to say that this man/woman is a great Borana leader and go for such individuals.


The REGABUGATUKOSAWA/CORNER TRIBE, is a scheme drawn by people who were educated like you. They in fact come from very different back grown.  They speak different languages, from different cultures and from different geographical location. If such totally different people can come together and form one strong reckoning power that which speak in one language and today forced us out of power,What makes us not to replicate the same. What  should we say if Borana brothers and sisters come together and build a strong  socioeconomic and  political body for the interest and love  of our people. It will be FIERCE one.
Lastly I beg to ask the current BPA national office bearers to come down to grass root and recruit members. The County, District or even ; Local BPA branches can play very vital role in uplifting our standards. Majority of our learned people are actually based in our rural homes. Take the huge number of civil servants, teachers, NGO employees who work at their rural home. What if they are asked to contribute only 500 shilings  to BPA body every month.
The situation which the current  Manyatta/Heillu and Odda refugees are in right now would have been different. Such money would have been used to help improve their lives.

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  1. i ‘m really very interesting to arda jila website because all what the site has very good impliciation for pan- borana and explanation of gumi gayo,gada system,vidio and picture exist and book currently published will help people of borana and student as well as other profesional who want to study borana indigenous inistitutrion however this is not enough yet, but we left whith many thing back from other ethnic group of oromo and ethiopia in general
    work hard to tranisform borana community

    horaa bulaa!!!,
    maqa golicha,gosa ,maxxaarri,balbala ,karaara,dhaloota ,liibaan,position ,student,wollaga university,department,sociology and social antropology

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    2. Bultumoo Bulee
    Bultumoo Bulee yoo oo hoo
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    Galmii Haasummaa yoo oo hoo
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  3. Tell you the truth, who’s governing what, the day of people who insanely control everything is will be limited.
    The greater example is the fall of mighty Amara regime fall in the hands of axumite. I think compared to Amharas, they are doing great job by panicking world bank and the entire west – by taking action in rebuilding the countryw effectively. Ethiopia became the only peaceful place to invest in east Africa right now, and even better than kenya – moving fast. Growing up in Ethiopia, I had the history of war and the chanting songs of violence as such we all are descendants from defenders of motherland and etc…
    MThe war chants and specially the brain washing of people in the southern region to their political will was so daunting and hunting me to this date.
    This existing regime is about the business, about people getting fed about being pragmatic compare with the past. The have done a lot in infrastructure building more than any government before them and not perfect when it come to human rights but people needed roads and wanted to stop violence. The economic movement you see in Moyale area is part of what is going on in entiresw Africa.
    Bad politics kills progress in the community. You can get out and work in the back yard and plant things when you have peace7!7. You have to engage in community constructively – by embracing art at the forefront. Art creates freedom onand help express your thought and nurture rational thinking. It’s enriches us to handle anything any obstacles through communication any obstacles creatively with knowledge without guessing. It frees our minds and creates honest and lasting results. Anger and all the frustrations come from not being able to figure out things. When you’re not certain, knowledgeable about things our logic suffers. That’s why people say sorry after they have caused so much damage, hurt so many in the end.,
    Later when they are calmer the analytical mind sets in, and they start realizing that what they have done is not appropriate. To prove it, watch two people fight, they call each other all names – they do not make sense for most part.
    When we just react to things, our ability to evaluate things vanishes we are in survival mode for flip of a second – human behavior is interesting area of study…and everything happen for a reason. The more we understand about ourselves, the more we can live with each other and next to each other.

    Take care of yourself and be knowledgeable and strong.
    Always do things that others can experience – and you are in the right direction journey towards happiness. Without people, there is nothing to govern…

  4. The world is suffering a lots not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good
    people ……Napolio. We should break the silence and disclose our belive, peace, love, equity etc of our socity to the world.

    • It’s actually knowledge. Good and bad is how you look at things from your prospective. Choices you make in life are important – whether you choose to take care of people or not.
      Napoleon is driven by fear. He is a lot hunted by bad past. You saw all the violence in his actions. He can not represent our people – he represent the idea of violence. We have a good past nothing should hunt us. There were strong leaders during British rule and after independence always defended peace first and took critical position fighting for welfare of people. Haji Wario Guracha, Haj Aga Tuka, Haj Harsam Rob, Haj Osman Aararu (to name a few) from Moyale area handled conflicts with knowledge and understanding – never conflicts escalated to this level. Control is everything. When things are out of control, there are lots of confusions need to be settled – disruption of life data. In the ocean of massive data or information, we can not select the most useful one when we are in confusion.Choices we make are important – and working towards peace is survival for all. It’s not a weakness, it’s the strength. Peace allows Boran business men and women to compete and buy cars, own shops, own lots like others new ventures – traveling to china and Europe and America. If we do not think of enhancing ourselves that way, we will be out of competition, and remain angry people and penniless at least for many years to come – that simple. Start participating in a new world. If you do think about being part of on going progress, and think the solution is taking guns and shooting at others, the others can have guns too. It’s not about being afraid of anything, good leadership can make the society bloom and bridge conflicts with know how – we have done that for so many years.
      This highways bring so many new people you have not imagined in the area for good or bad reasons. It’s up to us to allow ourselves economically, equally to be strong. And financial solvency is vital whether you’re a teacher a herder or a business man. You need to own hotels shops, gas stations or bring new things you can think of, that can enhance the livelihood of our people. Broad thinking can enlarge your chances of owning and sharing. It’s powerful than spending time and Money on buying guns and bullets.
      I hear very low level of self-steam in suggestions being given in texts, you have to lift yourself up out of apathy and be enthusiastic to lead the life of 21st century! And be part of global economy!
      We are in abundance, the power is in our hands to have access to that abundance. At this point, women participation in the development is important. That’s what’s hurting us right now. The participation of woman will give us different perspective in the area of handling problems in the society…

  5. Nuu Borana jenne ganna hedduu ittiin dhadata turre. Garuu, amma biyyitii cuftii waan technologin nu biraa deemanif nu tuffatani malee yoo akka durii ka DIDO GAWALE fa’ati fardaan loltuu kan nu insodatan. Nu amma akka durii sun jabachuf TOKKUMMAA teennaa akmalee wal xaxa tolfachuu mallee! Mee inrafina kawa ilmaan gutu Abbaa Liban DAMMAQA.

  6. I applaud you for putting your foot down and sharing your story, stay strong and take courage. We have to wipe out division inside out from stereotypes who are diving us as Boranas, put propagandas aside, stop those stealing and selling borana regions, and start building ourselves economically. This way, if such an ordeal occurs then we will be equally ready to deal with the situation. If we can stand proud as Boranas and not label ourselves as some political party, then we will think alike and take action as Boranas and not be sidelined. Let’s be proud of who we are and stand together as Boranas whatever the circumstances.

  7. Boran tokuma jabesa we r joking alot we’ve 2 think twice b4 we all perish gosomtitiy lakisa dat split us apart let us stand 2getha in unity yaani borantitiy si gosomtity pliz ma people

  8. such kind of attack by minority groups who settle on Borana land has became normal in recent years. why? the reason is they perceived Boranas are vulnerable and weak with out any back up from any side. Boranas used to have their militias, where they are? The system will not allow the prople to have unity. But the blame is squarely on Boranas who are selfish and does not care about the future of his nation.

    • The issue of minority agression is of highest concern. The main reason for them to be so active our own self mismanagment. The Borana like to compte against each other than the out siders. We must acknowledge our weakness and attempt to get out of it. We must change our skill of playing politics. secondly, we are not organized and we should reorganize ourselves on every need of our society. Unorganized majority can be a loser always

  9. The war in Moyale is actually orchestrated by the current County Government of Marsabit where the leadership has well drawn agenda which he fills he will implement during his tenure in office. He once said that he will not take the camels milk till he makes sure that the infamous Turbi massacres revenge is achieved.
    Secondly he wants to displace the Borana community from their ancestral land and resettles his gabra people from Ethiopia. To achieve this,he first had to place militias whose objectives is to make frequent attack on Borana land.
    To make matter worse, the Burji community who politically is in line with the current Marsabit County Government has contributed a lot in the on going clashes. They corrupted the local police to take sides , they bought weapons and also transported fighters from Ethiopia. Money is all they have and they attempted to make good use of it.

  10. waara abaanieegee saarani eggee kaate
    when you hurt yourself the enemy can destroy you forever, when the Borana biting
    each other there is many enemy within to destroy well to not have existence.
    the reason i said this Borana have a good enough to lead themselves. In order to bring Abbarar Yella why not Abdulqdir Dhaqo Nura?
    Wow!!!! Wow!!!! How sick we are, Saying this if you don’t clean your house why should your enemy does?

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