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9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wake up call!!!
    These days must be a good lesson to all Borana in Kenya, Ethiopia and in Diaspora.
    Dear sons and daughters of Borana people,
    I convey my sincere greetings. As you all know until April 4th. The attack by our Guji brothers against our community is continuing and even intensified on multiple fronts. Haadheessa, Algee, and Gootu Soollee area are combat zone according to report I received this morning. On April 4th. There was short skirmish at Haadhooftu North of Malka Guba.
    On same day I launched fund raising campaign requesting our Oromos brothers and sisters in Diaspora to help to rehabilitate 300 or more Borana families and an attempt by which we can help our Guji brothers even though they are on offending side if enough money could be raised. At all times we must not lose hope that these two communities would come to peace to live together and we must look far through the current hot wind to the better days in front of us. But the sympathy of our Oromo brothers and sisters is either extremely slow or is almost close to zero. This indicates that only few individuals care but not most. Borana have no interest to fight Guji and there is no benefit in fighting each other. However, peace must be lasting. We are also not interested to accept bad peace that takes us back to war. For Borana bad peace has no difference to war since bad peace may lead to irreparable humiliation.
    Whichever way the situation goes there is nothing to count on from Oromo Diaspora as it appears for now but we don’t know what to morrow has in its womb for us except our own effort and God. Therefore, we should not expect anything from outside no one to sympathizing with our plight but there are millions who are willing to exploit our kindness for their political advantages which for the future we must seriously scrutinize to the best we can if the intent of what is going on is beneficiary to Borana and we have full say in it.
    If the strategic position of the Borana land is not a tool that can win us sympathy from our Oromo brothers and sisters we must count our steps before we jump onto any bandwagon existing or forth coming event makers. We are the only to join hands and attempt to rebuild our huts to save our children and women from cold night and hot day. Our future steps in participation of many things that is going on must be seen through the prism of Borana safety and interest in most cases not through the sweet words that cold hearted Oromo politician tell us. Our community safety must come first before anything in the future. It is time for us to be strong and help our people. It is time to learn things.
    I have opened a Bank account at Bank fund Credit Union. Its account number is 10790708. Please send an email to for correct follow up and feedback information purpose.

  2. Thank you very much for Ardajila all of you are egaged in operating and managing
    this site.

    I am one of the followers of Ardajila and am very happy for the service it privides to its followers and others interested in Borana and its surrounding.

    Today I would like to raise a very important issue. The issue of the language of ArdaaJila. Today we are using only English as the main and the only language of
    communincation on this site. I suggest that we change this to the Borana dialect of Afaan Oromo. We can make it and it is very important. Oromo is a great nation and Borana is a leading part of the Oromo nation. We have our Gadaa system supported, of course, by our language. We should be very proud of this
    and work very hard to use our own language on such inportant sites as ArdaaJila. It will releave us from the limitations of using a foreing langauage for communication among ourselves. It opens great opportunties for those of us who do not master English to come forward and make important contributions.
    It will enable us to express ourselves much better. It is a great opportunity to start work to develop the Barana version of Afaan Oromo. Such a language can then be used to document our celebrated heritage including the great Gada System. This would highten the status of our language and make it the language of knowledge and Argaa Dhageetti. We can begin with those of us who can write Oromiffa today. We write and discuss issues in Borana version of Oromiffa and gradually develop it to a good written dialekt of Oromiffa. We can start by openig a language forum and write for example “durii durii” and discuss it. The version thus presented can be worked upon and improved and then it can be gathered in a book form. What do you think? I hope there are many of us who think the same way as I do and I would be very happy to be one of the first to start to contribute to this goal. Hayyee?

  3. Thank you brothers for this noble initiative, its a great step towards enlighting the true fact and real truth about our community. I really appreciate and will forward to working with you on this most important course.

    God Bless You All.

  4. Im very impressed& grateful for this initiative of creating a platform for gathering collective ideas & awarenes on current information/ news among Boranas both at home & around the world. Im originally from Moyale, this information from Ardajilsa website has been vital to know whats going on with my love ones & the community at large during this crisis. Pls keep up the good work & Im prepared to support you which ever way possible. kayo Qabna!
    Thank you

  5. am humbled by this initiative of forming a common platform for sharing ideas an engaging one another constuctively on issues touching borantiti and development. kindly add me to the mail list.

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