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Ardajila.com is a non political, non religious and non for profit website created to provide vital information concerning Borana communities around the world through which we can:

  • create a forum to freely and objectively share information, thoughts, ideas, opinions and knowledge to positively affect our society
  • provide information about Borana to other interested groups in order to create awareness about the rich cultural, social, economical and political situation of our society
  • ensure the flow of cultural and other knowledge from generation to generation
  • promote education, art and other social activities within our society


Statement from Ardajila moderators

Media has been used to create a sustainable network for organizations, societies or even nations as a whole.  Actually it has been proven to be a great tool in promoting any agenda including political, developmental and other social issues. Our society has been left behind on this part of the advancement and it is time to step up and fill the gap. This website is launched to contribute to this effort. In the process, ardajilla would like to fulfill the following objectives.

First, Ardajila does not endorse, promote or give favor to any one political, religious or other group with special interest. However, promoting the interest of our society by any means possible is the central part of its objective. That being said, Ardajila likes to clarify that it does not endorse any activity that will promote conflict; rather it aims to play a role in promoting peace within the region.

Second, Ardajila will encourage ideas and deeds that will unify our society while discouraging divisive ones. Our society inhabits a region located under two different governments. While the modern border has been drawn between our people living under Ethiopian and Kenyan governments, the border does not exist within our heart and mind. This has been proved in several occasions where the Borana’s from both sides stood along one another to tackle problems emerged in either side of the border. Ardajila is committed to help solidifying this bond and work for advancement of unity among our people where ever they are.

Third, Ardajilla believes organizations and individuals that are engaged in development activities within our region are crucial for advancement of our society. Keeping this in mind, it will give entities operating on developmental activities within our region an environment where they can promote their ideas and projects. Therefore, organizations and individuals with such agenda are invited to advertise their work or use a space on Ardajila website.

Fourth, Ardajila believes our tradition is a heart of our identity. In the center of our tradition lies Gadaa system, a force that holds our people together. Ardajila gives Gadaa system and its leaders highest respect and will serve them where deemed necessary. With this regard, in order to educate our society and others about Gadaa system, Ardajila is committed to post the work of scholars and cover current activities within Gadaa camp as it happen.

Fifth, although Gaada system is a system of an age-grade classes (luba), clan (gosa) is a building block in forming social structure. However, lately, the role of gosa has been greatly misunderstood and being used to promote divisive activities. Ardajila would like to work with like minded groups and individuals in promoting the importance of unity in our society and how gosa can be used as a unifying tool than division.

Sixth, our community has been disadvantaged in many ways and education is part of it. Ardajila considers education as basis of development and it will promote activities that will advance education within our society. Therefore, Ardajila would like to invite individuals and organizations to share their success and achievements on to inspire others.

Finally, Ardajila moderators consider this web site as the medium of communication to our community and would like everybody consider it as such. Although we initiated the website, Ardajila will achieve its objective only through participation of entire community. Hence, we kindly ask you to contribute articles, news, and views to promote our culture, educate our community and to inspire young generation. We particularly would like to extend our invitation to our scholars and the youth.

Kayoo Qabna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Ardajila

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Fabulous ! a wonderful platform for all to share ideas and resonate with each other.Keep on Keeping on ! Galatooma, horaa bullaaa debana,Kayooma.

  2. Its a great initiative.We should all support its development by contribute to it.
    Horraa Bullaa deebbaana!

  3. this is awesome, kudoz for such a wonderful initiative.we will work hand in hand and build this site. i have a lot of stories to update and i will share it here with the users.

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